Belize’s first televised cooking show, Creative Caribbean Cooking, has been an international hit with locals, the Belizean Diaspora and tourists who can’t help falling in love with Belizean cuisine. In September 2003 it featured Chef Rob Pronk and later moved on to showcase aspiring local cook: Chef Delvorine Banner.

Executive Chef Delvorine Banner

Meet one of the stars of Creative Caribbean Cooking: Chef Delvo, as she is endearingly known to Belizeans, has included her own creations in our Recipe book, along with modern twists on some traditional favorites.

Chef Delvorine Banner joined the Fort George family on November 11th 1995 as a steward, steadily working her way up to line cook. She held this position for 4 years, developing her passion and advancing to Junior Supervisor. Chef Delvorine moved on to Sous Chef in 2002 before  successfully completing her Pro-Chef Certification with the Culinary Institute of America. She then earned her well-deserved title of Executive Chef at the Fort George Hotel & Marina Belize.

Her future in the culinary arts will earn her more recognition and expand her creative vision. Her accomplishments include:

  • Certificate in Culinary Arts Skills and Performance Enrichment from Johnson & Wales University
  • Employee of the Year 2002 & 2003 – Fort George Hotel & Marina.
  • Acquired Pro Chef Certification Level 1 & 11 from the Culinary Institute of America


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