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Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Looking to pamper yourself? Welcome to K’IN Spa, where tranquility meets transformation. Select from our extensive menu of carefully curated spa experiences crafted with luxurious, ethically sourced products. Designed to elevate your body, mind, and spirit, our head-to-toe spa experiences are tailored to meet your wellness needs—including a health-focused K’IN Spa Signature Snack and Drink Menu.

Spa Hours 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily.

Himalayan Salt Stone

Harnesses the healing power of warm salt crystals to soothe muscles and balance energy. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

60 minutes $100.00 USD
90 minutes $132.00 USD

Revitalizing Gentleman’s Facial

Revitalizing deep cleanse and exfoliation, preparing the skin for a soothing massage. An oxygenating, detoxifying mask is then applied to firm, tone, and brighten the skin.

60 minutes $88.00 USD

A Haven of Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Spa Services

Facial Experiences

Indulge in our rejuvenating 60-minute facials for all skin types, concerns, ages, and genders. Our personalized experiences include marine masks for radiance, wrinkle-reducing treatments, gentle exfoliations, pollution-fighting facials, age-defying options, custom serums, and more. Treat yourself with an array of pampering, just-for-your experiences.

Fort George Hotel and Spa Facial Experiences

Body Experiences

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey with our 60- to 90-minute Body Experiences. From luxurious exfoliations to calming wraps to pampering body polishes, our nourishing treatments cater to your unique needs. Whether seeking radiance, rejuvenation, or anti-aging benefits, our custom therapies will delight body, mind, and spirit.


Sink into a blissful escape with our 30- to 90-minute experiences designed for individuals and couples. Embrace aromatherapy’s holistic benefits or indulge in reflexology for relaxation and improved circulation. From targeted massages and stress-dissolving techniques to muscle-soothing Himalayan salt crystals and tension-relieving deep-tissue therapy, find tranquility at KÍN Spa.

Additional Spa Services and Amenities

  • Nail Services: Pamper your hands and feet with our nourishing spa manicures and pedicures! Experience pure indulgence with oil soaks, moisturizing scrubs, hydrating masks, paraffin wax treatments, and aromatherapy hand massage. 
  • Waxing Services: Achieve smooth skin with our waxing services, from eyebrows and underarms to bikini and full legs.
  • Salon Experiences: Our full-service hair salon offers a range of services, from wash and blow dry to formal hairstyles, as well as nourishing hair treatments and color to refresh your look.
  • Sauna Therapy: Experience the healing benefits of our Infrared Therapy in the sauna—our heated sanctuary where stress melts away—leaving you with glowing skin and a renewed sense of well-being.

Take the time to unwind and take care of yourself


All prices listed are in USD

Tailored for all skin types – HYDRATING, PURIFYING, or SOOTHING

Elevate your spa journey with our signature Seaside Symphony Facial. It’s more than a classic facial; it’s a personalized experience. Our carefully chosen high-potency marine mask, tailored for your skin, amplifies skin functionality for stunning results. Unveil an awakened, radiant complexion that glistens with a dewy glow, regardless of your skin type.

Discover the secrets of everlasting youth with our Youth Renewal Facial. Harnessing the power of marine AHA scrub and Sea Retinol, this treatment rejuvenates your skin, reducing wrinkles, restoring firmness, and revitalizing your natural radiance. Our specially crafted mask fights premature aging by outsmarting free radicals. Unveil smoother, firmer skin and embrace a timeless glow inspired by the depths of the ocean.

For all skin types, purifying, oxygenating, revitalizing Discover our Anti-Pollution Freshness Facial, perfect for combating the effects of daily pollutants. The Pure Pore Heating Mask detoxifies and oxygenates your skin, gently removing impurities. A custom serum revitalizes, eliminating dullness and fatigue, while a tailored mask neutralizes damage and refreshes your skin, unveiling a fresh, clear glow.

Targets dark spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone Experience a transformation as age spots, sun damage, and wrinkles fade away with our rejuvenating facial. An alpha hydroxy acid peel works its magic, refining skin texture for the brightening serums and a complexion-balancing massage to follow. Our powerful micro-fiber mask, infused with seawater and algae extracts, evens pigmentation, and enhances collagen for a radiant, youthful glow.
Tailored to men’s skin, this facial uses specialized products. It starts with a revitalizing deep cleanse and exfoliation, preparing the skin for a soothing massage. An oxygenating, detoxifying mask is then applied to firm, tone, and brighten the skin, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

Facial Upgrades

Enhance your facial with this collection of targeted treatments.

Intensive exfoliation to brighten, smooth, and resurface skin. This powerful exfoliating treatment combines fruit acids and marine Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Reveal younger-looking skin and accelerate cellular turnover. Ideal for softening fine lines, wrinkles, and achieving a more even skin tone and texture.
This enriching treatment detox and oxygenates your skin using the Pure Pore Heating Mask, delicately extracting impurities and pollutants hidden beneath the skin’s surface. Enjoy a serene double brush massage, paving the way for a deeply cleansing and pore-refining experience.

Body Treatments

Body Polishes / Exfoliations / Scrubs
All 90 mins body treatment includes an extended 30mins massage.

Experience a luxurious and effective body exfoliation that delicately eliminates dry, dead skin cells, unveiling a more radiant and vibrant appearance. The treatment enhances your skin’s ability to absorb nourishing nutrients, offering a smooth, glowing complexion. Delight in the deep cleansing and revitalization achieved using marine salt crystals and nutrient-rich algae oils. Finish with a lavish massage of hydrating moisturizers, leaving your skin aglow and revitalized, embodying a renewed sense of vitality.
Perfectly silky skin is created with a combination of black sand, pumice stone, digestive papaya enzymes and glycolic acid. Once the body is massaged with this complexion enhancing blend, a final Oleo crème body milk is applied to the entire body for quenched, smooth skin.

Body Therapies / Wraps / Cocoons
All 90 mins body treatment includes an extended 30mins massage.

Our rejuvenating body wrap offers anti-aging and firming benefits after weight loss, childbirth, or sun exposure. Enveloped in a firming body gel rich in anti-aging sea minerals, enjoy a soothing massage that hydrates, tightens, and stimulates the skin. Ideal for restoring elasticity after childbirth, sun damage, or significant weight loss. Experience the ultimate revitalization for your skin’s natural beauty.

Elevate your skin’s firmness and beauty with our rejuvenating treatment. Beginning with a luxurious showerless scrub that polishes the skin to a smooth satin finish, the experience continues with a warm sea tonic gel that aids in fat burning and firming the skin. Indulge your senses and your silhouette with a finishing oil that promotes radiant, glowing, and firm skin. Experience the art of sculpting and revitalizing your skin for a renewed sense of beauty and well-being.
Enjoy the invigorating sensation of a Mocha Scrub, harnessing the richness of chocolate and coffee to stimulate your skin. Transition into a Seaweed Body Wrap for detoxification and intense nourishment. Complete your experience with a gentle, tranquil massage to enhance relaxation, leaving your skin beautifully revived and rejuvenated.

Indulge in a rejuvenating experience starting with our Moringa scrub, featuring micro-crystals and Moringa’s 93 essential vitamins for naturally radiant skin. Continue with the Seaweed Body Wrap, infused with vitamins A, C, and E for anti-aging benefits and skin healing. Finally, enjoy a tranquil scalp massage to harmonize your senses, leaving your skin refreshed, renewed, and revitalized.

This soothing spa treatment is specifically designed to alleviate sunburn by combining aloe vera’s renowned cooling and healing properties with nutrient-rich seaweed in a calming, hydrating wrap. Aloe swiftly reduces redness and inflammation on sun-exposed skin, while seaweed nourishes and replenishes moisture. The experience concludes with the application of a moisturizing body milk, effectively minimizing discomfort, soothing the skin, and promoting the healing of sun-damaged areas. It’s a rejuvenating and relieving experience that accelerates the skin’s recovery process after sun exposure.
This treatment offers not only a delightful fusion of exfoliating Coconut flakes and coco bean (chocolate nibs) but also a rejuvenating seaweed wrap. The session concludes with a lavish massage of enriching cocoa butter, delivering deep hydration, nourishment, and a revitalized glow to your skin, leaving you feeling thoroughly refreshed and invigorated.
This spa treatment is meticulously crafted to invigorate and renew. The fusion of Lemon balm with micro crystals polishes the body, preparing it for a revitalizing clay wrap. Not only does this treatment exfoliate and detoxify the skin, but it also rejuvenates, leaving you with a refreshed, glowing complexion and a revitalized sense of well-being.

Bodywork / Massage

Offers a comprehensive 30-minute session focusing on the shoulders, back, and arms. Using a combination of soothing techniques, this massage targets muscle tension, promoting relaxation and revitalization.
Experience the serene and artful rhythm of tranquil strokes as they sweep you into a blissful state, offering a spa journey designed to dissolve stress, leaving you immersed in deep relaxation and renewal.
Harnesses the healing power of warm salt crystals to soothe muscles and balance energy. The gentle heat from these stones combined with therapeutic techniques provides a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
Indulge in a focused therapy deep tissue massage that reaches deep into muscle layers and connective tissues, expertly dissolving tension. Through precise techniques and firm pressure, this massage elevates mobility, diminishes chronic discomfort, and fosters a serene state of complete relaxation, fostering overall well-being and rejuvenation.
Our Aromatherapy massage offers a holistic experience merging therapeutic massage benefits with carefully chosen essential oils. These aromatic elixirs are tailored to enhance relaxation, alleviate stress, and invigorate both body and mind throughout your massage session.
Experience serene relaxation with our specialized Reflexology massage, crafted to rejuvenate your entire being. Embrace the art of gentle pressure applied to specific points in your feet, fostering deep relaxation, improved circulation, and an overall sense of harmony.
Experience shared serenity with our Couples Delight Massage. Enjoy side-by-side pampering in a peaceful, harmonious setting. Two therapists provide a synchronized, relaxing experience. Reconnect and rejuvenate together, leaving our tranquil space refreshed and deeply connected.

Nail Services

Experience pure indulgence with our Spa Manicure. Begin with an oil soak, followed by a moisturizing scrub to eliminate dead skin. Our expert care includes nail shaping, cuticle care, buffing, and a revitalizing aroma hand massage. Your hands will feel refreshed and pampered.
Transform your experience to a Spa Deluxe Manicure by incorporating a hydrating mask or the luxurious addition of paraffin wax treatment after the revitalizing aroma cream massage. This enhancement will provide extra nourishment and an indulgent touch, leaving your hands not just refreshed, but deeply revitalized and nourished.
Experience pure indulgence with our Spa Pedicure. This luxurious treatment initiates with an oil soak and a moisturizing scrub that eliminates dead skin. Following precise nail shaping, our expert care includes callous and cuticle treatment, and professional buffing, culminating in a revitalizing aroma cream massage to leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Transform your experience into a Spa Deluxe Pedicure by incorporating a hydrating mask or the lavish addition of paraffin wax treatment after the revitalizing aroma cream massage. This enhancement ensures extra nourishment, leaving your feet not just refreshed but deeply revitalized and indulgently pampered.

Add on

Polish Gel Hands/Feet – Application





Polish Or Gel Change Hands/Feet – Application






All prices below are starting prices depend on hair length, condition and techniques used.
Wash only
Wash and blow dry
Wash blow-dry and flat iron
Formal hairstyle
Formal hairstyle including cut
Hair treatment add on
$25 additional ampules $15/each
Single colour

Additional Ampules



Infrared sauna—where stress melts away, leaving you with glowing skin, relaxed muscles, and a renewed sense of well-being. Experience a revitalizing escape, emerging refreshed and ready to conquer the day with newfound vitality and radiance.

Waxing Services

Eyebrow, Chin, Lip or Nose
Chin and Lip
Half Arm
Full Arm
Half Leg
Full Leg

Spa Packages

All prices listed are in USD

$205 2 hours

Seashore Breeze

Serene Flow Massage Revitalize & Renew Facial
$205 2 hours

Essence of Bliss

Mocha and Seaweed Escape Tranquil Essence
$190 2 ½ hours
Tranquil Glow
Tranquil Essence Spa Manicure Spa Pedicure
$275 3 hours
Fort George Serenity
Serene Flow Massage Revitalize & Renew Facial
$230 2 ½ hours
K’in Spa Escape
Sole Serenity 90 mins Seaside Symphony Facial

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