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Fort George Hotel and Marina Very Important Kids Club

The Fort George Hotel and Marina has introduced a new club to our existing clubs.  The new club is called the Very Important Kids Club and it’s opened to any one 12 years and under.

Procedures to Join the Very Important Kids Club: The club where every kid gets Royal Treatment

All children 12 years old and under are eligible to be club members, however One parent must be a member of the RDR Club to qualify the child for membership.

How to sign up:

  • All children 12 years and under are eligible for Kids Club.

  • One parent must be a member of the RDR Club to qualify the child.

  • Forms are available at all food service outlets, sales department and  business center.

  • The completed form should be given to the Sales Department so that a stamp card and membership card can be issued.
  • Once your child has been enrolled, he/she will receive a stamp card and they can start enjoying benefits of the VIK Club

Each time your child has a meal either from the kids’ menu or from the adult menu, they will receive one stamp on his/her stamp card.  If kids choose to order off the adult menu, they still receive the stamp and also receive 50% discount. They will need to be accompanied by an adult purchasing an adult meal to qualify for stamp and discount.

Also, each time the child has a meal, he/she will receive a free Fort George Hotel and Marina gift and balloon. In addition, whenever a child eats on weekends, they receive a free scoop of ice cream!! 🙂 along with their toy and balloon.

When a child eats his/her 6th meal (and presents the card to receive the sixth stamp) he/she receives a free ice cream sundae. This is two scoops of ice cream, syrup and sprinkles.  After the card is has been filled and the entire stamp card has 10 stamps, they get a free mini Le Petit Basket.

***Card must be presented each time the child is having a meal.

***The completed stamp card should be presented to Sales Department with VIK membership card to redeem gift basket.

***Two children cannot combine their cards to receive benefits

VIK Member Benefits Include

  • Report Card Program
  • Members are given the access to rent the villa pool for birthday parties
  • Fort George Hotel and Marina gift with every meal purchased.

  • (Stamp card must have at least 3 stamps in order for you to qualify and cake must be ordered at least 2 days in advance).
  • Free meal from Kid’s Menu and Buffet when dining with a paying adult; one paying adult per child.

  • Kids receive a free scoop of ice cream & balloon with purchase of meal on weekends.

  • Receive a free mini gift basket from Le Petit Cafe for every 10th meal (kindly order 24 hours in advance).

  • Kids receive 50% off items from regular menu when dining with paying adult.

  • Receive the Royal Treatment in the Saint George Restaurant on birthdays with free cake.

  • Access to birthday party coordination services.

Royal Treatment on Birthdays:

  • For kids to receive the royal treatment, they must have at least three stamps on the card.

  • Parents need to make reservations and inform staff of birthday at least 3 days in advance

  • Birthday boy/girl will be escorted to special table and have a crown placed on his/her head, and a royal cape draped around them.

  • A special animal shaped cake will be made for child and presented after the meal and it is complimentary.

  • Balloons for the birthday child’s chair.

  • They can order from either the kids menu or the adult menu 50% off for items from adult menu and kids pricing as detailed on kids menu.

  • When the cake is brought to the table they will be serenaded with the birthday song by our staff.
  • The child will also receive a stamp for this meal.

VIK members are all invited to join us for
Movie Night, Easter Egg Hunt, Brunch with
Santa, and Monster Ball.