Responsible Business Practices


We are apart of the world’s largest industry. And it keeps growing. Increasingly customers only want to deal with companies and brands that take responsibility for their own presence and activities. We have to manage diversity and understand and meet the demands and preferences of guests from various cultures.

Our Business contributed to the economic development of local communities around the world. This means all of us and our hotels have an enormous impact on business!

We don’t just aim to do business. We aim to do Responsible Business. At Carlson Hotels, Responsible Business is essentially about three important areas:

  • Taking responsibility for the health and safety of our employees and guests

  • Reducing our negative impact on the environment.
  • Respecting social and ethical issues within the company as well as in the country

Some of our accomplishments are:

Socio- Cultural/Environmental

  • Adopted Liberty Children’s Home and have a matching funds program
  • Works with National Institution for Cultural & History to promote our culture, arts & history
  • Association with Young Men Christian Association for Summer Swim Program
  • Buying bio- degradable plastic bags and disposables utensils made from corn (bio-degrades in 3 months)
  • Usage of environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Some Managers are members of Kiwanis Club of Belize Central, Rotary Sunrise & Rotary Club of Belize City


Energy Use

  • Usage of mini transformer to reduce electricity
  • Recording of energy consumption
  • Placement of signs in rooms to remind guest to turn off lights and televisions when leaving the room
  • Keeping drapes closed to reduce heat gain during the summer
  • Closure to a wing or floor, when possible, during low occupancy so it does not have to be lit or cleaned
  • Unplugging of refrigerators in rooms when not in use for a period of time
  • Document vehicle servicing & maintenance and get any additional repairs to vehicle done immediately
  • Use of solar water heater connected to the laundry


  • Donate food waste for animal feed
  • Donate soaps to schools
  • Composting of coffee grounds for hotel garden
  • Donate printer ink cartridges to recycle company
  • Paper sent to Recycling Company
  • Recycling of metal, aluminum scraps, plastic bottles, and cardboard boxes
  • Recycle of cooking oil for process of animal feed



Purchasing decisions should take into account the products that have a harmful effect on our environment. Decisions should also take into account the amount of waste that is produce through the purchasing process. It is essential to ensure our suppliers/providers practice corporate responsibility and have specific standards to ensure there is minimal impact on our natural environment through their business practices and it helps to generate income and employment for locals.

  • Purchase environmentally friendly disposable containers and flatware whenever possible
  • Purchase environmentally friendly cleaners and dilute concentrated solutions.
  • Purchase bulk items where possible and purchase locally produced goods whenever possible.
  • Reuse or return boxes, crates, bottles and containers to suppliers