Our Policies


Recycle/Reuse Policy

The Fort George Hotel and Marina realizes that in order to have a positive impact on our environment, it must take responsibility for its actions in the way we conduct our day to day operations. Towards this end the hotel has implemented a recycle program.

  • Returns local beer and liquor empties to suppliers and other bottles to recycling company.
  • Implemented paper recycle program for all offices
  • Documents volume of recycled items and use credit towards purchases

  • Donate food waste for animal feed

  • Donate cooking oil to process animal feed

  • Sell or donate furniture and equipment to staff and local charitable institutions.

  • Composting of coffee grounds for hotel garden

  • Use recycled office paper, before sending paper to Recycling Company
  • Recycle of metal, tins, and aluminum scraps

  • Donates ink cartridges to recycling company.

  • Reuse of damaged linens and towels for chef’s scarves, kitchen aprons and rags

  • Donate unused soap to Schools.
  • Collect old telephone books, bottles, magazine and papers from guest rooms for recycling.

Water Policy

Nothing can be done without water and although we may think at times there is too much, in reality, this commodity can become in very short supply and needs to be managed. To reduce our water consumption we currently:

  • Repair leaking pipes and water fixtures immediately.

  • Ensure faucets are turned off when not needed.

  • Installed strainers and straps to prevent food from entering waste water pipes

  • Use environmental friendly cleaners and dilute these wherever possible

  • Use dish washers and washing machines with full loads only.

  • Provide guest with the option to reuse towels and linens by placing signs in each guest room informing them of that option.
  • Track water usage with an aim to reduce consumption, zone the hotel and utilize different water meters for easy tracking & control

Professional Development

The Fort George Hotel & Marina is very aware that to provide customers with value for their monies, the staff must be properly trained in every aspect of their job. All employee trainings are mandatory and each employee’s training is recorded in Human Resources file.

  • All positions have a written job description which is given to each employee.

  • Employees are trained for hotel orientation, making it right guest program, Yes I Can, and departmental on the job training.

  • Transient and Food & Beverage Signature Legendary Sales Training three times yearly

  • Food and Beverage HACCP Training is conducted for Food & Beverage and Purchasing Department.

  • Employees participate in the Belize Tourism Board hospitality certified trainings

  • Additional training for professional development in different department
  • Some managers have been certified by the Educational Institute of American Hotel & Lodging Association