The Fort George Hotel & Marina

Hotel History

At the end of World War II, Churchill was voted out of office and the new Labour Government set up the Colonial Development Corporation (CDC) and declared it would dismantle the Empire just as soon as the CDC made the Colonies economically independent.

Some time later, Belize, known then as British Honduras, got the promise of the Fort George Hotel, all 35 rooms of it, and a promise that the Home Government would not devalue the British Honduras dollar.

It took four long years to build the Fort George Hotel, partly because the building’s foundation was a construction nightmare. Belize City is built on a swamp. There is nothing but mud down the depth of 15-25 ft. Pilings must be driven down to rock bottom if any building of concrete is not to sink.

The room rate at the Fort George Hotel was $10.00 US per day and included three full meals. An English High-Tea at four o’clock in the afternoon was $1.50US. The lunch and dinner in those far-off days was a seven course meal, literally from soup to nuts. If you were not a guest at the hotel the meal cost $2.55 US

It was during 1954 the Colony of British Honduras got a new Constitution that provided for the Universal Adult Suffrage. The voters list jumped from 1,400 to 22, 000 and the Colony was off on a slow, but steady journey to Independence, The Fort George tried to keep pace.

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Fort George Hotel Dateline


Construction on the Hotel is completed by the Colonial Development Corporatio


The Fort George Hotel opened to the publicfort_george_history


Hurricane Hattie destroys parts of the hotel


On the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the hotel, two Royal Air Force Harrier jets performed a salute and flew past in the presence of the CDC Deputy Operations Chief from London, Mr. Bruce Boguslawski.


Mr. Paul Hunt signs an agreement to operate the Fort George Hotel


The hotel is acquired by Belize Hotels Limited with Mr. Paul as the sole owner


The famous Club Tower is built by Johnston International



Joined the Fort George Hotel and Marina Corporation in franchise owner manager agreement


The Holiday Inn Hotel was acquired by owners and became part of the Fort George Hotel and Marina Fort George Hotel & Marina as the “Villa Wing”


Grand 6.5 Million dollar renovation of public areas and the Colonial rooms


Hotel receives Fort George Hotel and Marina’s Excellence in Design and Renovations


Fort George Hotel and Marina Fort George Hotel is presented with the Fort George Hotel and Marina Hotels & Resorts Worldwide “best of the best” President’s wards


Presented with this year’s Advocates Award by Fort George Hotel and Marina Hotels & Resorts Worldwide


Presented with this year’s President Award by Fort George Hotel and Marina Hotels & Resorts Worldwide


The Villa Wing rooms are renovated


Once again the Advocates Award is presented to the Hotel


The Club Tower rooms are renovated


Once again the Advocates Award is presented to the Hotel


Hotel receives award for the Highest Increase in Revenue Per Available Room at the Fort George Hotel and Marina Annual Business Conference in Hong Kong


Advocates Award


Hotel receives the Award of Appreciation in Recognition for Promoting 100% Belizean Arts & Crafts Association from the BCCI – National Handicraft center of Belize


Fort George Hotel and Marina ranked among the best business travel hotels in Latin America by the readers of Latin Finance, a leading finance and investment magazine


Hotel gets 1st runner up for University of Belize, Green Business Awards